Dr. Ticket,  Professional Drivers’ Protection Plan offered by the legal professionals at Dr Ticket.  Our office will help your company improve your bottom line, improve or maintain your SafeStats rating and provide you with timely legal protection to your drivers  and your medmedusa_22222zfleet.

Dr.Ticket the Professional Drivers’ CDL Protector:

  • Increases driver retention.
  • Decreases downtime of drivers.
  • Reduces recruiting and training costs.
  • Serves as a recruiting tool.
  • Enables your company to closely and quickly monitor drivers’ violations and/or accidents.
  • Reduces CDL suspensions or revocations.
  • Improves workers’ comp experience by virtue of “more miles in the same lanes”.
  • Improves your company’s Carrier Safety Profile.


Let’s face it, your company can’t take chances with your drivers and their CDL’s. The Dr.Ticket Professional Drivers’ CDL Protector is designed to prevent, or protect your drivers, from career-threatening moving, non-moving or DOT violations.  Dr.Ticket Professional Drivers’ CDL Protector provides coverage while on the job or in their personal vehicle, AND also covers spouses.